SNU Undergraduate Courses

  • Signals and Systems (430.306): 2022S

  • Creative Engineering Design (400.018): 2021F

SNU Graduate Courses

  • Special Topics in Signal Processing (430.758)

    • Computational Imaging with Signal Processing and Machine Learning: 2022S, 2021S

UNIST Undergraduate Courses

  • Signals and Systems (EE311): 2020S, 2019S, 2018S, 2017S

  • Probability and Introduction to Random Processes (EE211): 2020F, 2019F, 2018F, 2016F, 2015F, 2014F

  • Engineering Programming II (ITP117): 2017S, 2015S, 2013F

  • Introduction to Information and Multimedia Systems (EE414): 2016F

  • Differential Equations (MTH201): 2014S, 2013S

  • Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (BME211, Guest Lecturing): 2014S

UNIST Graduate Courses

  • Modern Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes (ECE541/ECE730): 2019S, 2016S, 2015S, 2014S, 2013S

  • Estimation and Detection Theory (ECE734): 2020S, 2018S, 2014F

  • Introduction to Medical Image Processing (ECE542): 2017F

  • Special Topics in Signal Processing (Sparse Signal Representation and Compressive Sensing) (ECE630): 2016F